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Posted by Dell Winders on January 3, 2015 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)

 Back in the 60's I was involved in Dolphin research when NASA was concerned about Alien encounters with no means of communicating our peaceful intentions.


I was given a telephone VOcoder which was being used to change voice to digital frequency to speed up wire transmissions. Considered a possible half way meeting point between the low frequency human voice and the high frequency Dolphin sounds I conducted numerous experiments.


The answer was much more simplistic. I built an oversize 6 key touch pad with specific objects (boat, fish, human, etc, associated with each key. The Dolphin would swim out, view an object and come back and hit the appropriate key describing the object.


An added discovery was that the Dolphin appears to communicate verbally in it's own language what it sees, and what it is thinking. By recording the the audible sounds the Dolphin made when it struck the appropriate key on the keyboard I was able to communicate back to him/her the object to search for in it's own language.


It was also noted that Dolphins learn to realize that our hearing is not as good as theirs and attempt to communicate with increased volume.  Del;


Posted by Dell Winders on January 3, 2015 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (0)

If true, the  article below is of great concern to me, and hopefully OH funding will be in place that we can help solve this potential threat.

In the 1960's I introduced Veterinary medicne for Aquatic Mammals, thru the University of Pennsylvania  Veterinary School. Dolphins in captivity were dying for unknown reasons and easily replaced without concern. We isolated the cause of deaths to a highly contagiouus known bacteria strain of Swine Flu.

A Dr. Midway, at UPVS developed a vaccine for imunizing Dolphins, and a specialized Marine Mammal veterinary industry was born.

Dr. Joseph Gerraci, was the first Vet to specialize in Marine Mammals, and went with the New York Aquarium on Cony Island.

Of honorable mention was Dr. Jesse White, Vet for the Miami Seaquarim.  Dell



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